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Red Security

Here at Red Security we strongly believe in providing quality, creative and sophisticated security solutions to the public and private sectors, and the commercial and residential markets, ranging from On the Door Security, Retail, Warehouse, Construction, to Offices and more. Over the years clients have come to recognise the intelligent security solutions we use and through our exceptional performance, we are becoming known as the UK's preferred total security solution provider.

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Red Facilities Management

When it comes to Facilities Management, Red FM prides itself on our long standing reputation for meeting individual client’s needs. Our integrity and solid foundations strengthen our range of quality FM services, enabling us to provide bespoke, flexible solutions which will effectively integrate within the core of your businesses.

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Welcome to Red Management

A Security and Facilities Management organisation is what we are, Security, Consultancy, Training and Facilities Management are what services we offer, how we deliver them, is how we differ.

From our perspective we see these services as reinforcements to the business foundations, without them you have a vulnerable and poor standing structure, with them a strong and eminent stature. Quality, efficiency and strength are the words our organisation works from, and when they are originating at the beginning, they reflect in our end results.

Standing with you our challenge is to ensure that quality, efficiency and strength are prominent throughout our services and integrated securely within your business.

How can we ensure this? Through our concrete array of services and careful selection of staff.

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